Sweet Girl cine-peek: A hard-hitting tale of loss, vengeance, justice served
August 3, 2021
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Sweet Girl cine-peek: A hard-hitting tale of loss, vengeance and justice served

Jason Momoa had earlier effortlessly swept the audience with showcasing his brawn as the superhero in Aquaman. The actor is now gearing up for his next Sweet Girl, in which he would be essaying the role of a father and a husband, who is avenging the mishap that befalls on his family.

The trailer of the film, directed by Brian Andrew Mendoza (in his maiden attempt), was out recently on Netflix. And, the movie tries to bring the real hero in Jason Momoa’s character as Ray Cooper, who would fight against any storm that he encounters to bring justice to his wife Rachel, who succumbs to an unfortunate death.

The video throws light on the nail-biting experience that the makers have in store for the audience. Rachel dies in the hospital, after witnessing a lack of an expensive medication. Completely outraged by this fatal end to his wife, he ventures out to probe or rather unearth the wide manipulation and criminal practices that happen under the grab of running a pharmaceutical company. He finds out that the medicine that could have salvaged her life was withdrawn from the market by a prominent pharmaceutical company to push ahead their product’s price. The more he tries to find, the more dangerous and unscrupulous the entire crime proves to be.

His fight for family becomes one seeking justice in the larger scheme of things. And slowly, his daughter, essayed by Isabella Merced, joins him in this unraveling of the truth, after being shaken by the loss of her mother. A line she utters in the trailer, ‘As long as we are together, we are still a family’ strikes a chord, and promises to portray a strong father-daughter relationship as well.

While the cinematography is by Barry Ackroyd, the music is by Steven Price. Penned by Philip Eisner, Gregg Hurwitz and Will Staples, Sweet Girl will be out on August 20.

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