Survey finds most executives seeking work-life balance amid pandemic
October 27, 2020

Survey finds most executives seeking work-life balance amid pandemic

LONDON (UK) – Almost eight out of 10 corporate executives have witnessed poor mental health amid the coronavirus crisis. This has prompted a lot of them to re-evaluate and strike a fine balance between work and life, a survey showed on Monday.

According to a survey of about 2,000 high net-worth individuals by health insurer Bupa Global, many prominent company officials in France and Egypt were most likely to have a reconsideration of their lives amid the pandemic blues. Those in the United Arab Emirates, the United States and Britain also followed suit.

The COVID-19 crisis has left a vast majority of people, including top executives, with working remotely. It has put a strain on physical and mental well-being.

Executives has planned to start exercise more regularly, go for a better diet, start meditating and invest more on spending time with family and friends, the survey said.

Bupa’s medical director Luke James said, “With the pandemic impacting mental health so heavily, it’s really important that business leaders work to address any issues both personally and at their organisations.”

The survey also found that less than a third of the participants planned to continue working from home primarily. A quarter of them planned to cut down on their working hours.

It showed that women were more likely to opt for working from home than men. People with children were less likely to take that option.

Bupa Managing Director Sheldon Kenton said, “Anyone who has been working from home around young children or trying to juggle work and home-schooling will know it can be challenging.”

As travel and face-to-face meetings decrease gradually, about a fifth of the high net-worth individuals surveyed said they would work remotely from their holiday homes.

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