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October 21, 2021
Daily Roundup

Sunday, 8th March Daily Roundup

Here’s a quick summary of what has happened around the world over the last 24 hours, brought to you exclusively by British Herald

Local News

In local coronavirus news,  the number of confirmed cases of coronavirus in the United Kingdom went up to 209 from the previous 163, according to health officials.

Coronavirus has so far claimed the lives of two people who had tested positive for the virus.

The two deaths were seen in people with preexisting health conditions, according to the Health Ministry and the Public Health Agency England.

Also, Britain is expected to double flood defence spending to an amount of 5.2 billion pounds when new finance minister Rishi Sunak delivers the budget.

This move comes after the extensive flooding all across the country this winter.

The additional funding is a billion pounds more than originally promised.

The additional funds shall be used to build 2,00 new flood and coastal defence schemes to better protect England’s 336,000 properties.

World News

Four people have died in the collapse of a hotel in the Chinese city of Quanzhou, the Ministry of Emergency Management said, after state media said the place was being used to quarantine individuals under observation for the coronavirus.

The hotel began to collapse on Saturday evening. As of 10:30 a.m. Beijing time on Sunday, authorities had retrieved 42 individuals from the site of the collapse while 70 are trapped, the ministry said.

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