Spain records biggest daily rise of COVID cases so far
November 24, 2020

Spain records biggest daily rise of COVID cases so far

MADRID (SPAIN) – Spain’s coronavirus tally climbed by 23,580 cases on Thursday, marking a new one-day record, Health Ministry data showed on Thursday.

While the cumulative tally rose to 1,160,083, Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez has said the actual total is likely to be above 3 million.

The death toll rose by 173 to 35,466, accelerating from the previous day but below Tuesday’s figure of 267.

Like other European countries, Spain has resorted to increasingly drastic measures to curb infections in recent days.

The wealthy northeastern region of Catalonia stopped travel in and out of its territory for 15 days. It also saw an extension of a shutdown of bars and restaurants.

“I think they are acting late and quite badly,” said 41-year old Carlos, who has been laid off from his job in the nightlife sector.

“Some measures might work but many others will simply bring down the economy and don’t bring anything positive, such as the closure of bars and restaurants,” he said in the Catalan capital Barcelona.

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