Shorter winter break to mark Bundesliga next season
September 30, 2020

Shorter winter break to mark Bundesliga next season

BERLIN (GERMANY) – The Bundesliga season, which begins on Sept. 18 with champions Bayern Munich locking horns with Schalke 04, will only have an 11-day winter break. This comes as the German Football League (DFL) is adapting the schedule amid the pandemic.

The football league said on Friday Bayern would face Schalke in the season opener. But should the Bavarians reach the Aug. 23 Champions League final, they would be given a few extra days to rest.

With the season coming to a close on December 21, the clubs will have a shorter winter break. It will resume on Jan. 2 to accommodate national team obligations and matches for European events. Earlier, Bundesliga winter breaks extended up to six weeks.

The last season was halted for two months by the coronavirus before restarting in May and finishing in late June.

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