Safety of Koalas and political chaos engulf Australia's largest state
January 19, 2022

Safety of Koalas and political chaos engulf Australia’s largest state

SYDNEY (AUSTRALIA) – There was political chaos in Australia’s most populous state with regard to a dispute over koalas. This has created a split in the New South Wales governing coalition relating to policies designed to protect the animals.

NSW Deputy Premier John Barilaro, from the Nationals, said his party would not extend support to government legislation if changes were not made to policy to protect koala habitats.

Barilaro said the new policy unfairly restricts how the land of rural property owners can be managed. He added that his party supported conservation.

“We actually want to see the population double. We are not anti-koala,” Barilaro said.

The Nationals said it will keep itself away from voting on government legislation.

It will also introduce a bill next week to revoke the conservation law.

NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian, the leader of the coalition and the state Liberal party, did not immediately respond to requests for comment.

It was found by an inquiry in June that koalas in NSW might become extinct by 2050, which could be stopped if the government immediately intervened.

Some of the main aspects for the loss of habitat are land clearing for agriculture, urban development, mining and forestry.

According to the new policy, construction is prevented in habitats and owners of the land must try for exemptions so that it could carry out various works.

Corey Bradshaw, professor of global ecology at Flinders University, said, “Koalas live in and eat trees – you don’t need a university degree to predict what will happen when you continue to destroy their already highly degraded habitats.”

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