Royal Caribbean looks forward to COVID-19 testing
September 29, 2020

Royal Caribbean looks forward to COVID-19 testing

FLORIDA (US) – Royal Caribbean Group said on Monday, as part of its new safety measures, testing passengers for COVID-19 was “very likely” going to be part, to resume sailing after months of being docked.

Michael Bayley, chief executive officer of Royal Caribbean International, said, “We have not yet reached a point in our protocols where we’re ready to publish and release for discussion. But it’s very likely that testing will occur.”

Royal Caribbean and Norwegian Cruise Line are now working on new safety standards, channeling former Food and Drug Administration Commissioner Scott Gottlieb. This would be to serve as co-chair of a group called the “Healthy Sail Panel”.

Ivan Feinseth, Chief Investment Officer at Tigress Financial Partners, said, “They’re going to have to be able to test, because if you get one infected person on a ship – that’s going to create a big problem.”

US cruise operators have said passengers would not ferried by ocean liners until at least the end of October.

Booking trends for the second half of 2021 were refreshing, Royal Caribbean said.

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