Rooftop tennis girls of Italy receive surprise visit from Federer
September 29, 2020

Rooftop tennis girls of Italy receive surprise visit from Federer

ROME (ITALY) – Tennis icon Roger Federer paid a surprise visit to two Italian girls who became sensations on social media after their video playing tennis on the rooftop became viral.

As many as 10 million people viewed the video of Vittoria Oliveri and Carola Pessina playing tennis on the rooftop of neighbouring buildings in Finale Ligure during the lockdown.

When asked about their favourite players, they thought it was for another media interview.

“Roger Federer. If I were to meet him, I would jump on him, or I would be starstruck,” Vittoria, 13, said.

“I would like to have Federer’s elegance while playing and (Rafa) Nadal’s power,” 11-year-old Carola added.

But they were speechless when Federer came out from behind a curtain. The 20-times Grand Slam champion later played rooftop tennis with the duo before inviting them for lunch.

“I nearly fainted when he showed up,” Vittoria was quoted as saying by The Times. “He figured out the distances pretty fast and started playing shots between his legs from one roof to another, which was amazing.

“I didn’t think he was real. I thought it was a mannequin.”

He also told the two girls that he had arranged for them to attend a summer camp at the Rafa Nadal Academy.

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