Rights for UK children to know if parents are online spying on them
September 28, 2020

Rights for UK children to know if parents are online spying on them

LONDON- Children in Britain will get the right to find out if their parents spy on their online activity under a technology firm binding code, as announced by a data watchdog on Wednesday.

Companies are obligated to inform children if their products include parental controls which limit their access or watch their activity. An “obvious sign” must be offered to show that they are being monitored.

The step has been applauded and called progressive by digital rights campaigners.

It is imperative for children to comprehend the context of tools being applied to them according to Jim Killock, Open Rights Group’s executive director.

This is an arena wherein one can easily overreach with over-concerned parents impacting child’s rights in the name of safety.

The code awaits parliamentary approval and shall be in full force by late 2021.

There’s a growing debate on how much online privacy children should have with families installing tracking apps on their children’s mobile phones to keep a tab on them.

Parental controls monitor online browsing and while the tracking tools keep children safe, there must be a balance of safety with their rights to privacy and transparency.

Companies failing to uphold the 15-point code in full will be acted upon by the ICO, punishing them of data right breaches and fines of up to €20 million euros or 4% of annual turnover in the most serious cases.

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