Research firm says Apple removed 29,800 apps from Chinese app store
October 19, 2020

Research firm says Apple removed 29,800 applications from Chinese app store

SHANGHAI (CHINA) – Apple Inc on Saturday removed as many as 29,800 applications from its Chinese app store and they include more than 26,000 games, said data research firm Qimai.

The move comes amid a crackdown on unlicenced games by Chinese authorities.

Earlier this year, Apple issued game publishers a July deadline to submit a government licence number that enables users to purchase apps.

The Android app stores in China have complied with those regulations.

Apple removed more than 2,500 titles from its app store in the first week of July. The games removed include titles from Zynga and Supercell.

“This affects small- and mid-sized developers’ incomes the most, but due to the difficulties of acquiring a business licence, it’s devastating to the whole iOS game industry in China,” said Todd Kuhn, marketing manager for AppIn China

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