Putin exhorts Russians to vote for changes to extend his rule

Putin exhorts Russians to vote for changes to extend his rule

MOSCOW (RUSSIA) – Vladimir Putin appealed to his countrymen on Tuesday to vote for constitutional amendments. This would allow the Russian leader to run for president twice.

He addressed voters at the venue of a series of gory World War Two battles on the even of the election. However, critics have slammed the move terming it a legal coup.

Standing in front of the statue of a Red Army solider in Rzhev, Putin said, “We are not just voting for amendments. We are voting for the country in which we want to live …for a country for whose sake we are working and want to pass onto our children.”

The Russian president did not reveal how the changes would affect his career.

According to exit polls, more than two-thirds of Russians are likely to back Putin’s bid to run for presidency twice when his tenure comes to an end in 2024.

Pollster Levada revealed Putin’s approval ratings stood at 60%, which remains high. However, it has dipped from the earlier 90%.

Though the president said he was yet to decide on running for presidency, his detractors believe Putin would contest again.

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