Premier League should help struggling lower-tier clubs: Lampard
October 27, 2020

Premier League should lend helping hand to struggling lower-tier clubs: Lampard

LONDON (UK) – Chelsea manager Frank Lampard said that he was able to understand the financial strain faced by lower-tier clubs during the pandemic as he started his career at the bottom of the football pyramid, adding that the Premier League should lend a helping hand.

Lower tier clubs depend on matchday revenue to stay afloat and the government decision to postpone the entry of fans into stadiums will have a huge impact on them.

“I think it’s important the Premier League as a collective looks at supporting the English Football League, the leagues below and grassroots football,” Lampard said.

“That’s the base of why we’re all here. I started, and a lot of young players started, in Sunday league football. I’ve managed in the Championship. I understand a lot of the difficulties clubs are having.

“I can’t go too political because I don’t know enough about the numbers, but I do think clubs in the Premier League and the Premier League themselves have a heart. I’m sure as we move forward they will be making positive moves on that front.”

Chelsea will lock horns with Barnsley in the League Cup later on Wednesday and the manager said his team had paid for the COVID-19 testing.

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