Premier League clubs must chip in to keep lower divisions afloat: Bruce
August 10, 2020

Premier League clubs must chip in to keep lower divisions afloat: Bruce

LONDON (UK) – Premier League clubs must contribute funds to teams in lower division or many will collapse due to the coronavirus-induced crisis, said Newcastle United manager Steve Bruce.

Last week, his former side Wigan Athletic entered administration becoming the first professional English club to do so in the wake of the pandemic.

Top flight clubs should each contribute £2 million ($2.51 million) to help ailing English Football League teams, said Bruce, 59.

“The world has practically collapsed in the past few months and I do feel the Premier League clubs must … try and help support the Football League,” he said in a briefing.

“If you speak to some of the smaller clubs, they’re in a desperate situation… From what I’m hearing from managers and chairmen, it’s on the verge of collapse. If we’re not careful I believe we could see the collapse of lots of teams.

“My blueprint … would be to find a couple of million quid and put it to clubs who badly need it. A million or two … in the Premier League these days seems to be nothing. In the lower leagues that would probably keep them all going for a season.”

The soccer player, who began his career with Gillingham in the lower leagues, said it was essential to keep smaller clubs afloat.

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