Police in Poland detain 48 after LGBT protest in capital
September 29, 2020

Police in Poland detain 48 people after LGBT protest in capital

WARSAW (POLAND) – Polish police said on Saturday that they detained 48 people for trying to prevent them from arresting an LGBT activist who hung rainbow flags over statues in Warsaw and damaged a pro-life campaigner’s vehicle.

Protesters shouting “Shame, disgrace!” surrounded a police vehicle in a bid to prevent them from taking away the activist. A court ordered the activist to be detained for two months.

Anti-homophobia group “Stop Bzdurom” said they hung rainbow flags on statues of Jesus Christ and other historic and religious figures last week as part of a protest for LGBT rights. This issue was the focus of a debate during last month’s elections.

According to the ruling nationalist Law and Justice (PiS) party, LGBT rights movement is part of an “invasive foreign ideology that undermines Polish values and the traditional family”.

Condemning the protest, Justice Minister Zbigniew Ziobro said Polish authorities had to act or face “even more violent” attacks by activists.

“Tomorrow this knife that was used to cut the car and tyres (of the pro-life campaigner) will be used to stab people just because we don’t like their opinions,” Ziobro said in a briefing on Saturday.

Rights watchdog commissioner for human rights at the Council of Europe demanded the release of the activist.

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