Police arrest dozens of people during Moscow protest
November 24, 2020

Police arrest dozens of people during Moscow protest against constitutional reforms

MOSCOW (RUSSIA) – The police arrested dozens of people during a protest rally in Moscow on Wednesday, said a monitoring group and witnesses. The rally was held denouncing the constitutional amendments made to enable President Vladimir Putin to remain in power for two more terms.

Wearing face masks emblazoned with the word “No”, as many as 500 protesters took to the streets chanting slogans, calling for the president to step down. They also waved banners slamming the reforms.

When the rally reached one of the main avenues in the city, police in riot gear surrounded them and made arrests.

Monitoring group OVD-info said more than 100 protesters were arrested.

Earlier this month, Russians voted to amend the constitution giving Putin the right to have two more terms.

Slamming the poll as illegitimate, opposition activists said it was time for Putin, who has been in power for more than two decades, to resign.

“I came here to sign the petition against the constitutional reforms because I am a nationalist,” said one of the protesters.

Another demonstrator Vasilisa, 14, said she also signed the petition because Putin “is to blame for the poverty in our country”.

“Gay people are killed here, women are beaten up here, and no one is ever held accountable,” she added.

Last week, two activists who protested against the reforms were arrested and the residences of five others were raided.

Moscow city authorities have banned mass gatherings in the wake of the pandemic.

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