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July 31, 2021

PM Johnson urges Britons to stay at home

LONDON (UK Daily News) – On Monday, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson ordered Britons to stay home to curb coronavirus, imposing restrictions on everyday life.

All stores barring the essential ones were told to close immediately. People were instructed to no longer meet family or friends; and if they did, they risked being fined. Johnson announced the restrictions to the nation in a televised address.

Johnson resisted the pressure of a full lockdown imposition like other European countries, but once projections showed the overburdening of the healthcare system, he was quick to change tack.

Britain coronavirus deaths jumped 54 to 335.

“From this evening I must give the British people a very simple instruction – you must stay at home.”

– Boris Johnson, British Prime Minister

People are only allowed to leave their homes to shop for basic needs, to exercise, for medical reasons, travel to work or to provide care for someone in need.

Johnson instructed Britons that if they break the rules, police can enforce them using fines or dispersing gatherings.

The new measures would be reviewed in three weeks, and possibly relaxed.

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