PM Johnson to stop Huawei's 5G role in a few months: The Telegraph
August 12, 2020

PM Johnson plans to prevent Huawei’s 5G role in a few months: The Telegraph

LONDON (UK) – British Prime Minister Boris Johnson is expected to start venturing on to phasing out Britain’s 5G network using Chinese tech giant Huawei’s technology as soon as this year, according to a report in The Daily Telegraph on Saturday.

Officials are taking up proposals to prevent the installation of new Huawei Technologies equipment in 5G network in less than six months, and to quicken the removal of technology that is already set off, as per a report in the newspaper.

After the nation’s spy agency GCHQ raised concerns about new security over Chinese technology, the move was discussed upon.

New US sanctions on Huawei will push the company to equip untrusted technology that could make it impossible for the risks to be controlled, a report prepared by GCHQ’s National Cyber Security Centre concluded, the newspaper said.

It further added that the sanctions have had a “severe” impact on the firm that significantly changes GCHQ’s calculations.

The report is likely to be presented to Johnson this week.

Johnson’s spokesman said that officials will soon finish reviewing the implications of the latest US sanctions, which are looked at for cutting off Huawei’s access to US chipmakers.

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