Pizza outlet in Spain comes out with country's first virtual waiter app
September 28, 2021

Pizza outlet in Spain comes out with country’s first virtual waiter app

PALAFRUGELL (SPAIN) -In a bid to minimise the risk of coronavirus infection and do away with face-to-face contact with staff, a restaurant on Spain’s northeastern Mediterranean coast has come out with a unique method.

Clients at Funky Pizza on the tourist haven of Costa Brava can surf through the menu, place an order and pay through the “Funky Pay” app on their phones. It is for the first time such an app has been integrated into a restaurant’s ordering system.

“Through this system we have tried to keep physical distance with our clients, which is what people are looking for during COVID,” said Carlos Manich who owns the eatery.

Employees manage the orders from screens behind the bar.

The eatery has enforced social distancing rules by becoming table service only and telling patrons they need to wear a mask when not at their tables.

“The application is very user-friendly … and you can also track your order and see when it is in the kitchen or when it will be arriving,” said Claudia Medina, 26, a customer.

Some feel otherwise. “I think we lose the feeling with the waiter, for example when you order you can’t ask about different preferences or quantities,” said Javier Comas, 26.

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