Philippines to come up with an updated COVID-19 strategy
December 5, 2021

Philippines to come up with an updated COVID-19 strategy

MANILA (PHILIPPINES) – The Philippines’ health department pledged on Sunday to make updates on its plan against COVID-19 in a week. It will be looking for strengthening healthcare workforce in its capital Manila.

The Southeast Asian country on Saturday reported 4,963 additional coronavirus infections, thereby bringing its total confirmed cases to 98,232, while its death toll had climbed to 2,039.

Medical experts in their largest fight to contain the virus, including 80 groups representing 80,000 doctors and a million nurses, on Saturday said that Philippines was on the verge of losing in the fight against the disease and cautioned that a collapse of the healthcare system is likely.

In a statement issued, the Department of Health said it would come up with an all-new COVID-19 strategy within seven days.

The government, however, appears to be reluctant to bring back strict curbs on movement in the capital.

Moreover, the health department was in support of the healthcare workers’ call for a “timeout”.

The department said in a statement, “The battle is not over, and it will not be for a long time yet. We will marshal all our efforts to turn the tide.”

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