People line up at COVID-19 test centres, with the return of holidaymakers
January 18, 2022

People line up at Italian COVID-19 test centres

ROME (ITALY) – Travellers coming to Italy from Greece, Spain, Malta and Croatia queued on Tuesday at centres to get themselves tested for coronavirus. This has come in the wake of the health ministry imposing mandatory screening on visitors to the four countries.

As a few Italian airports are still not offering site tests, people have only the option to attend local screening centres.

Antonio Semeraro, recently back from Spain, said, “At Fiumicino airport they didn’t do anything, they spoke about carrying out tests but in the end there was nothing there. So we came here out of our own goodwill.”

Italy is one of the worst-affected European countries with more than 35,000 COVID-19 deaths. However, it is on its way to contain the outbreak.

Experts say nightlife, the return of holidaymakers and poor social distancing is to be blamed for the increase in coronavirus cases.

Alan Almand said, “I am here for the test as I have just returned from Greece, two days ago. I queued up and have waited about half an hour.”

(Photos syndicated via Reuters)
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