Owners in France want mystery behind horse killings to be solved
January 28, 2022

Owners in France want mystery behind horse killings to be solved

LE CROTOY (FRANCE) – Rebecca Pavy, manager of the Cavalcade equestrian centre in northern France, talked with regard to the police investigation on the series of killings and mutilations of horses.

“Catch them, catch them,” she told three gendarme officers who visited her centre on Thursday to take a look through how efficient the safety arrangements are. They also gave advice on what to do if they face an attack.

Horse breeders, pony clubs and equestrian centres have been in a state of worry after horses were mysteriously attacked and were found to have their ears cut off, eyes taken out, and genitals mutilated.

Police say they have no idea what the motive is. In total, 150 investigations have been opened.

On Thursday, the gendarmes were visiting farms and riding centres in the countryside near the Channel port of Dieppe.

At the Levant Stable, the officers gave manager Jean Francois Decayeux a leaflet entitled: “How to ensure the protection of my horses.”

He said he is more alert than before and carefully looks out for any unusual vehicles.

He said that if they happen to encounter a suspect, “We have no desire to take the law into our own hands, we will call the gendarmes straight away.”

At Pavy’s riding centre, she said she couldn’t even think of any of her horses falling prey to the attacks. She said, “Our horses are our passion. It’s more than a job. It’s a friend, a companion who spends a good portion of their life with us.”

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