Old Sanaa houses in Yemen, listed by UNESCO, collapses
September 27, 2021
Middle East

Old Sanaa houses in Yemen, which finds a place in UNESCO’s list, collapses

SANAA (YEMEN) – Yemen’s UNESCO-listed Old City of Sanaa has ravaged under heavy rains, as months of floods and storms assail a country already reeling from war, food shortages and disease.

Muhammad Ali al-Talhi’s house partially collapsed on Friday, leaving the six women and six children of his family homeless.

“Everything we had is buried,” he said.

Aqeel Saleh Nassar, deputy head of the Historic Cities Preservation Authority, said citizens witness such incidents due to lack of maintenance of these old buildings as in the past, leading to fissures.

The authority has been working with UNESCO and other funds to preserve some of these buildings.

The country has already been reeling in the aftermath of five years of war, which killed more than 100,000 people. The remaining 80% of the population was left relying on aid. Millions were on the verge of famine.

In addition to the same, new coronavirus infections going undetected and heavy rains spreading diseases like cholera, dengue fever and malaria.

The Iran-aligned Houthi authorities appealed this week to UNESCO to help preserve the city’s heritage.

Sanaa resident Adel San’ani on Saturday told, “The families have no shelter. A local bank launched a campaign to distribute plastic sheeting to act as roofs.”

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