Obama expresses concern over Trump's efforts to 'kneecap' Postal Service
September 27, 2020

Obama expresses concern over Trump’s efforts to ‘kneecap’ Postal Service

DETROIT (US) – Former President Barack Obama expressed concerns on Friday about the integrity of the presidential poll, blaming efforts by President Donald Trump to “kneecap” the Postal Service in a bid to restrict mail-in ballots.

During a podcast with his campaign manager David Plouffe, Obama played down the seriousness of progressive-moderate divisions in the Democratic Party, adding that young voters could lead to Trump’s defeat.

On Thursday, Trump had said he was blocking Democrats’ effort to include funds for the Postal Service in a new coronavirus relief bill to put a halt on universal mail-in voting.

For months, Trump has been repeating that mail-in ballots are a possible source of fraud. “The thing I’m most worried about is A) how do we protect the integrity of the election process? How do we make sure that people’s votes are counted?” Obama said.

He said the president’s efforts to “actively kneecap the Postal Service” were unprecedented.

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