O3 Care – Bed sanitising innovation for hospitals, hotels and homes
January 19, 2022
Brand Feature

O3 Care – Bringing bed sanitising innovation to hospitals, hotels and homes

With the pandemic scourge altering the world order in more ways than one, firms have to shift their focus to healthcare as well and think of adopting different strategies to safeguard their employees and customers. In fact, it will become a core requirement to do business this year. Turning crisis into an advantage, O3 Care company is all set to improve people’s quality of life by providing affordable 21st-century green health solutions. 

The cleaning business segment is a treasure trove of opportunities and the global contract cleaning services market size is poised to grow by $90.01 billion during 2020-2024, progressing at a CAGR of almost 5% throughout the predicted period, as per the latest report of global market research company Technavio. 

One of the most critical contract cleaning services market trends will be the adoption of green cleaning products and it will spur market growth. People are becoming more aware of the health and environmental hazards of chemicals such as hormone disruptors, carcinogens and allergens present in cleaning products. Thanks to increasing global awareness about the benefits of switching to eco-friendly products, several market vendors are now offering green cleaning services. They comprise products derived from natural essential oils, which are non-toxic, biodegradable and cost-efficient. 

O3 Care’s brand SterilettoTM is constantly innovating to protect the environment and deliver eco-friendly sanitising devices for firms as well as families. This Italy-Ukraine start up was founded in 2020 to address current challenges in sanitising bed surfaces in hospitals, hotels and homes around the world.

Its core engineering team has three decades of experience in coming out with various healthcare devices, providing automation and robotics solutions.  

They also have an R&D office in the Silicon Valley of China – Shenzhen city. The Chinese branch company was opened on December 29 last year in a ceremony attended by dignitaries from the industry, government, media and the academic world. CEO Igor Diadyk gave the opening address, explaining the unique market positioning of the firm and the $3,5-billion target market. Then it was the turn of CTO Gianluca Giorgi, who has over three decades of experience in automation and creating various medical devices, to explain the technology part and highlight the idea of using Ozone O3 for sanitising. Vice-GM Kitty Wang presented the two product lines for Business (Hotels & Hospitals) and Smart Homes, and also the “X Product” for the pet market. By using O3 Care’s solution, hotel staff can easily sanitise beds after each check-out. As the device contains biodegradable ozone O3, it enables the hotel to join Green Hotels Rankings. 

The equipment also makes sanitising beds at home an easy affair. Even pet owners will find it useful. It is especially helpful to those having asthma and allergies, although more studies are needed in this field. 

Gianluca Giorgi 

He is the Co-Founder & CTO of O3 Care Company; CEO of ES Automation Consulting Ltd; President of ZTT Ltd; Strategic Mentor in Robotics and Automation project and the Director of the Italian Innovative and Disruptive Technologies Working Group under the Italian Chamber of Commerce in China. Giorgi has more than 30 years of experience as a director in Innovative Automatic Production lines supporting various projects at FCA, Ferrari, Magneti Marelli, Lombardini Engines, Ariston and Guzzini operation plants.

O3 Care products

Steriletto TM For Business and Housekeeping Teams – At present, hotel housekeeping teams find it an uphill task sanitising mattresses after each checkout because of the time shortage and high labour costs for hiring external contractors. With the pandemic posing a challenge, sanitising has to be done at any cost so that travellers feel safe (and are willing to pay more for sanitised beds) and hotels get more reservations. Steriletto TM features semiautomatic, super-fast 5-min sanitising mode. Apart from being lightweight, it has a user-friendly design and a simple installation mode.

Steriletto TM for Family and Individual Home Users – Without changing the engine oil, would you drive your car for 30,000 miles? But when it comes to your mattress, you’ve probably logged 30,000 hours of sleep on it all these 10 years. That is a decade’s worth of sweat, saliva and dead skin on top of your box springs – a feast for airborne bacteria, viruses and mould spores. The device is automatic from 25 min full sanitising mode and comes with Wi-Fi connectivity. It is lightweight and has a luxury design apart from a simple installation mode.

Steriletto TM for Dog/Cat Owners – What if you can clean your pet’s bed every day or each time you go out? Washing your pet can be quite a difficult procedure at home. Also, consider someone from your family who is prone to allergic reactions. This device helps sanitise your pet bed every day, anytime you want. The right ozone bathing schedule for your pet will help maintain their overall skin and coat health apart from keeping them comfortable. It is automatic from 10-12 minute full sanitising mode, lightweight and has an Italian luxury design and simple installation mode. 

The firm estimates that the UK market alone has over $500 million potential for its innovative products, and they are seeking local distributors and partners. O3 Care is also mulling welcoming leading British universities to partner up on the research side. 

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