Number of migrants reaching UK shores on the rise
September 19, 2020

Number of migrants reaching Britain on the rise as political tension escalates

DOVER (UK) – The Border Force has brought migrants ashore in the port of Dover on Monday. They were picked up from an inflatable boat as they were crossing the Channel. This is the latest incident in a surge of crossings that has sparked political tensions with neighbouring France.

Since Thursday, more than 500 migrants have arrived at the shores of the country in rubber dinghies taking advantage of the warm weather and calm sea.

British ministers have termed the crossings “unacceptable” and urged French authorities to prevent the boats from leaving their shore.

“We have to make this route completely unviable,” said minister for immigration compliance Chris Philp on Sunday. “We intend to return as many migrants who have arrived as possible.”

However, charities supporting migrants have blamed the government of over-reacting to the issue for political mileage as the numbers are negligible compared to the migrants arriving in Italy and Greece.

The interior ministry has sought the help of the military to deal with the vessels carrying migrants.

Philp is scheduled to visit Paris this week of discussions with his French counterpart.

According to the French interior ministry, it has deployed extra resources to stem the tide of migrants and a large number of boats are intercepted before they cross the Channel.

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