Nokia's new COVID detection system scans for temperature, face mask
October 23, 2020

Nokia’s new COVID detection system scans for body temperature, face mask

STOCKHOLM (SWEDEN) – Nokia has developed a fully automated system to find out if a person has coronavirus symptoms and if he or she is wearing a mask. It comprises a thermal camera and real-time video analytics. This is part of efforts to bring back employees to the workplace by ensuring all safety measures are in place.

The Finnish firm has introduced this facility in its factory in Chennai, India, and has already screened more than 200,000 people.

The Indian factory had to be closed for a while to comply with coronavirus regulations.

The system can find whether a person is running a high temperature or is not wearing a face mask and it sends an alert to the operation centre, said the head of Analytics and IoT for Nokia Amit Shah.

To comply with local curbs, the faces can be blurred and there are privacy settings for that. They are deployed in different locations and are monitored from a central unit without the need to have a person at every check point.

“Nokia factories and R&D centres are deploying this,” Shah said, adding that talks are going on to deploy this system in North America, Latin America and Asia.

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