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November 27, 2021

Netflix finally releases a proper Cowboy Bebop trailer

After revealing the new intro sequence (with its surprise nods to specific episodes from the anime) and an encouragingly fun teaser video full of new footage that won’t actually be in the show itself, Netflix’s live-action Cowboy Bebop adaptation finally has a real trailer—and a good one at that, at least in terms of giving you a sense of what it will be like.

The trailer opens with a somber jazz tune that sounds like a new track from original series composer Yoko Kanno (it’s very good), setting the stage while John Cho’s Spike gives some hints on his tragic backstory and how it led to his new life as a bounty hunter, but then “Tank!” starts playing and we’re off to some real Cowboy Bebop hijinks. The Bebop landing in water like in the anime! Hand-to-hand action! Spike being grumpy while Jet is levelheaded! The Swordfish II flying through the air! Still not even the slightest hint of Edward, though

It all seems like Cowboy Bebop, but one of the surprising things about this trailer is that it also feels like it’s doing a good job of being its own thing. This trailer is stylized, but in a way that feels more like the heightened reality of Tim Burton Batman movies than, say, Speed Racer’s version of live-action anime, and it really seems like Netflix and executive producer André Nemec were serious about doing their own thing with this rather than soullessly (and pointlessly) replicating the very, very good anime.

On top of that, the actors—Daniella Pineda and Mustafa Shakir in addition to Cho—seem to have their own takes on the characters, which should also help it avoid the soulless/pointless replication thing. Nobody wants that, because you can just watch the anime, so this all seems like the wiser direction to take Cowboy Bebop in. Of course, while doing its own thing might be the smarter move, we’ll have to wait until November 19 to see if it actually translates to a good show.

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