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October 21, 2021

Netflix cruelly announces David Fincher-produced video essay series, not a new season of Mindhunter

Yesterday, hot on the heels of Netflix’s film-based Twitter account teasing an announcement involving everyone’s favorite Mank-maker David Fincher, we brainstormed some ideas about what the announcement could be. Turns out, we were a little too optimistic.

Instead of announcing a new season of Mindhunter or a Se7en sequel called Ei8ht, Netflix dropped the first teaser for Voir. Billed as a documentary video essay series about the love of cinema, Voir comes from the twisted mind of David Fincher and producing partner David Prior.

Obviously, this isn’t exactly what us Fincher fans were looking for, but we’ll take it. Voir is premiering the AFI Fest, which runs from November 10 through November 14.

Sadly, Fincher won’t be directing the series. According to the AFI Fest description, David Prior, Taylor Ramos, and Tony Zhou are directing the series. Prior directed The Empty Man last year, which is something of a new cult classic. As for Zhou and Ramos, they spent the mid-2010s making the popular YouTube series Every Frame A Painting, which among other directors devoted an episode to David Fincher.

Voir means “see” in French, so we can only imagine that the act of seeing will play a big part in the series. It’s about the only thing we came close to guessing correctly in our earlier post. We should’ve invested more time into the study of those eye emojis. Mistakes were made.

As for Fincher’s next project, he has quite a few lined up. Earlier this year, Netflix announced his next movie The Killer, which re-teams Fincher with Se7en screenwriter Andrew Kevin Walker. According to Variety, Michael Fassbender was in talks to star in what they call an “assassin drama.” Fincher also has some documentary series on “cancel culture,” which will hopefully never happen. As for Mindhunter, well, we’ll keep praying for another season.

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