'Mulan' not to hit theatres, to be streamed from Disney platform
September 29, 2020

‘Mulan’ not to hit theatres, to be streamed from Disney platform

LOS ANGELES (US) – Live action epic ‘Mulan’ will skip movie theatres and go directly to Walt Disney’s streaming platform in September, said the firm on Tuesday.

Disney subscribers in the US have to pay $30 to stream “Mulan”, Disney Chief Executive Bob Chapek said.

However, the cost will slightly vary in other countries such as Canada, Australia and New Zealand and in parts of Western Europe, Chapek said.

The decision was taken in the wake of uncertainty over the re-opening of theatres in the US ever since they were closed down in March following the outbreak of the coronavirus.

“Mulan” will be released Sept. 4 in movie theaters that do not currently have the Disney+ platform and where movie theaters are back in business, Chapek added.

The $200-million movie is a remake of an animated Disney classic about a female Chinese warrior and features Yifei Liu in the lead role.

Chapek said the plan to stream the movie on the platform instead of releasing it in theatres was a short-term plan and did not indicate a change to long-term film strategy.

“Mulan” was originally scheduled to reach theatres in March, but it was postponed several times as most movie halls remained closed. The latest release date was Aug. 21.

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