Moscow welcomes poll verdict that allows Putin to contest twice
January 21, 2021

Moscow welcomes poll verdict that allows Putin to contest twice

MOSCOW (RUSSIA) – Moscow on Thursday welcomed the result of an election that allowed President Vladimir Putin to contest for two more terms. On the other hand, an independent observer group said the outcome of the poll was flawed.

When the results of the week-long poll were released, 78% of voters supported the constitutional amendment that allows Putin to run for elections twice after his tenure ends in 2024.

If elected, Putin, 67, could remain at the helm of affairs until he is 83.

Though Putin, who is Russia’s longest serving leader since Josef Stalin, has mentioned that he was yet to decide on his political future, critics allege that he would be in power.

According to Putin’s spokesman Dmitry Peskov, the verdict revealed how deeply Russians placed their trust in the president.

“It’s definitely considered a triumph. What took place was in effect a de facto triumphant referendum on trust in Putin,” he said.

Meanwhile, Golos, a body that oversees elections, said it had noted several anomalies during the poll, which included ballot stuffing.

“This past vote was indeed unprecedented and will go down in the history of the country as an example of an attempt to encroach on people’s sovereignty,” Golos said.

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