Merkel's Christian Democrats to fill half of the key party posts with women
August 13, 2020

Merkel’s Christian Democrats envision to fill half of the key party posts with women by 2025

BERLIN (GERMANY) – Germany’s dominant political party, Chancellor Angela Merkel’s Christian Democrats, envisions steps to bring about equal representation of women within its regional and national governing bodies by 2025, according to two party sources on Wednesday.

Although currently chaired by a woman, Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer, and although it gave Germany its first female Chancellor in Merkel, only a quarter of its members are women. The party leadership wants to change this in the future.

Women must make up 40% of all governing bodies, from the regional level upwards, from 2023, taking it to 50% by 2025, according to the plan, thrashed out by leaders of the Christian Democratic Union (CDU) in overnight talks.

Other parties, in particular the Greens, running a distant second to the CDU in most national polls, have had policies for long to make sure women stand out in the party, which includes having a woman and a man as co-leaders of the party.

Local party organisations will also have to report to the centre with regard to their progress in increasing their share of women members.

Party sources said, the plan must still be materialised formally, most probably at the party’s congress in December.

Currently, only a fifth of the CDU’s national parliamentarians are women, compared to a third of the Bundestag’s overall membership. Germany’s share of women legislators is low going by Scandinavian standards.

There will be a get-out clause, however: party bodies will not require to fulfill the quota if enough women do not apply.

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