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October 19, 2021

Mansib Ibrahim: An Academician with a Refined Vision

Education has broadened its horizons and extended its reach and coverage since the ancient times. With technology literally vanquishing the field of education, learning is no longer confined to the walls of the classrooms. Educational policies, methodologies, technological compatibility, and the approach to learn for the substantive development are continuously changing. As educators and learners, one is observing widespread and dynamic trends emerging in the field of education.

Here is a man who is a multi dimension personality, scholar and great academician with a refined vision to provide moral based education to students to shape them as a responsible devoted citizen. Mr. Mansib Ibrahim has made his presence globally through the medium of education. As an educator, Mr. Mansib through his London Academy opens the portals of learning and move learners out of the confines of a ‘classroom’ and bring desirable dynamics in education by way of revolutionizing the existing practices.

London Academy:

Headquartered in London, this academy was set up in 2008 in Qatar, with the motive to address the challenges faced by the customer in this fast-paced world. This is what makes the Academy an effective tutoring center. London Academy tutors develop advanced knowledge, skills and mindsets needed to be professionally groomed as global teachers, highly effective mentors and trainers. They are provided with opportunities to practice, observe, coach, and study. The aim of this institution is to provide integrated solutions in the education and social development field, provide a rich, stimulating environment, which will enable the students to be confident and enthusiastic learners with the end goal to accomplish their professional objectives.


London Academy focusses on providing superior quality education, to empower students to acquire and value knowledge, help them participate in and contribute to the world that will best serve the country in the coming time.

The mission of LA is to provide a quality inclusive learning environment to their students, which enhances the skills which are required for achievement in the competitive examinations, build up reasonable systems and respects which will enable them to act with mindfulness and humankind.

Forte of LA:

Mr. Ibrahim believes that any tutorial system aims at fulfilling specific needs according to individual preference as opposed to classroom teaching wherein the teaching and learning process happens in a group setting. This same strategy is applied in London Academy and this is what makes it a renowned brand in the field of education. At LA, each student is allowed to exercise his freedom academically and direct one’s own learning. The courses are designed in such a way and Tutors are trained to help students in developing useful transferable skills such as independent thinking, confidence and self -reliance.

Tutors- As every student is unique and the same goes for a tutor. LA takes a lot of consideration while coordinating a new student with a teacher whose behaviour matches with the student and who can easily guide them and help in their examinations in the best possible way that could be available. London Academy has a strong faculty from different countries who are experts in their respective areas and act as not only tutors but also as facilitators and mentors.

Apart from academic qualifications, a good tutor is an incredible communicator who owns the mystique and energy which can motivate young minds. To make London Academy tutors more inspiring than the others, Mr. Mansib coordinates the common mind level of the students with those of the tutor. Well qualified teachers are selected as career tutors, who are well versed in particular subject and also have relevant experience. They are selected based on two rounds of tutor- training to fortify their regular fitness and furnish them with the skills to give the best possible education.

Home tuitions are also provided to students and the same pattern of learning is followed there too. The spotlight of London Academy is its 1:1 Student Teacher ratio. It is a very personalized and customized form of tutoring where the entire focus of the tutor is on one student, which helps both the teacher and the student to stay on task, eliminate distraction and allow uninterrupted learning and teaching. Tutors customize strategies according to each student’s learning level and style and this program is designed catering to the individual’s academic needs.

Courses- Every course has a different method of learning as all the courses vary according to the subject. LA aims for a simpler system with students at the centre stage. The courses are designed in such a way that it challenges the existing knowledge and advance student’s potential understanding. London Academy provides tutoring to students between the ages of 5-17 (from Kindergarten to 12yrs) on all subjects. The course covers all aspects of the English language that a student need to learn and understand at school. The course schedule is designed by keeping in mind the pace of every student that how much they grasp it. A student can begin at any level within this course, as per the student’s current ability and knowledge. A free initial assessment is given to all children which helps the tutor to identify the areas where attention is required. After assessment every student will be assigned to the particular level course as per their assessment results.

IELTS Preparation- The courses of IELTS preparation are conducted in one-on-one or group classes. These classes provide clear pattern of exam and its scoring, and it also guides the students by providing sample exercises of each; speaking, reading, listening and writing, and along with explaining relevant tips and techniques.

A Diverse Academy of Excellence:

London Academy is one of the most renowned training centers in Qatar offering high-class home tuitions. They have a dedicated team who cater to the exact educational needs of young people. They are committed to brighten their future by rendering systematic coaching methods. These outstanding private tuitions ensure that students have the benefit of great teaching and the skills that they need to succeed at their own prestigious schools.

From the initial admission process, through exceptional coaching, guidance, completing curriculum and beyond, the students are provided with all kind of support to ensure they are comfortable with the sessions, attaining knowledge and preparing for the examinations. Their structure keeps the students and parents

informed and connected about the progress of learning. London Academy believes in student’s ability to succeed and that is the most powerful thing they do in their academy. At London Academy Qatar, educators guide students to discover a world of possibilities within themselves with the support of diverse faculty members which is truly unconditional.

Entrusted with expert panel of teachers; involving in systematic Continuing Progress Analysis (CPA); organizing Separate batches for Girls and Boys with Male and Female teachers; providing special coaching for below average level students; conducting brainstorming sessions and arranging convenient schedules makes London Academy Qatar the most renowned tuition center in the country.

The Man with a Mission and Vision:

With a Master’s degree in Mathematics, Mr. Mansib had a humble beginning as an Academician, where he conducted coaching classes and tuitions for the students in Kerala, India.  His career pathway took a turn, when this, ambitious young man decided to move to the Middle East in 2008 and within a short span of time, Mr. Ibrahim gained a reputation in the Qatari community that few expatriates could ever dream of.  He started chain of premium learning centers catering to the educational needs of the elite Qatari families who were keen on providing their children a world class education. Mr. Mansib’s hardwork paved way and he carved a niche for himself in the educational field by being the Founder of London Academy to Director of CCCI (Crescent Chamber of Commerce and Industry). His practical methods of teaching and innovative approach to education won him a place in the community.

An Educational Entrepreneur with a mission and a vision, Mr. Mansib aims to make a difference in the lives of the younger generation. He believes that education should not be just limited to the classroom. Educators should incorporate ‘Blended Learning’ (A balanced blend of traditional classroom learning and Virtual teaching methods) which will provide better learning experience to the students, thereby connecting them with the family, school as well as the real world.

A name synonymous of ‘Quality Education’, Mr. Ibrahim believes that the power of education, his love of teaching, his unique style and his outstanding entrepreneurship made him a great educator. For his dedicated passion towards teaching, Mr. Ibrahim even designed an exclusive tutoring pattern wherein he assured excellent education delivered by exceptional teachers handpicked and mentored by himself from across the world.

Turn Obstacles into Opportunities:

Any industry has its own challenges and Mr. Mansib too had his share of ups and downs when he migrated to Qatar with the sole purpose of ‘Enlightening lives through Education’. His challenges were regards to dealing with diversified client needs, engaging the learners, imparting skill application of the tutors, delivering consistent tutoring, quantifying and tracking progress. But, Mr. Mansib believed that it is often our most challenging moments in life that offer us the greatest opportunities to grow and expand. Shifting his focus to gain new experience, Mr. Mansib initially started off with tuition classes and slowly through references and his customized techniques, gained reputation among the Royal families. With appropriate systems and policies in place, Mr. Mansib was able to eliminate most of the challenges and triumph in his purpose creating a brand for himself. Today, he shines as a perfect example of how one can think differently and work distinctively to create an identity of his own.

A Distinguished Scholar:

As an Educator, Mr. Mansib focusses more on practical learning rather than theoretical learning. Through his Academy, he helps students to identify their potentialities, implement knowledge to face lives challenges. It is Mansib’s approach towards learning, which makes him notable among various academicians in Qatar. In lieu of his recognitions, he has been awarded with a honorary doctorate for social work from Indian Peace University. He is also frequently invited by other countries to share the success story of London Academy and inspire young minds.

E-learning: Technological Advancement in Education Sector:

With time, the education system has grown drastically. We get to see more technology in classrooms lately and the curriculum has been designed based on the needs of the students. In recent times, advancement in computerized tutoring have been replacing the human tutorial system. But, Mr. Mansib remains unaffected by this latest technology and opines the fact that even if computerized tutoring spreads far and wide, it wouldn’t overtake human tutoring. He believes that human contact makes better learning and it cannot be replaced by any other technologies. Instead, he makes better use of this technology by implementing Artificial intelligence and Machine learning to improve the quality of education. Mr. Mansib purports that Artificial Intelligence can truly make education a lot more flexible and perceptive. AI improves the learning experience in this modern era where there is short attention span. The scope is to utilize electronic technologies to access educational curriculum outside of a traditional classroom. Teachers, through the use of AI will have a significant part in delivering and improving the learning experience for the

Learning by Giving:

Mr. Ibrahim believes in the ‘Art of Giving’, be it imparting knowledge or providing Financial aids. He serves as the Executive member in Healthcare foundation in Qatar and provides financial assistance to the needy ones. He is also part of a school in Kerala which provides free education for differently abled students. This school is run on the various donations from generous minds across the globe. Apart from this, Mr. Mansib also takes part in various Gulf expatriates programmes in Qatar and provide assistance to less privileged family in all possible way.

On the Table- Future Prospects:

London Academy testifies Mr. Mansib’s vision of how tutoring services should be in a world of rapidly changing trends in education. His focus is on ways to improve and expand this system across the world. Mr. Mansib’s action plan includes setting up International school, soft skills training centres, professional development centers throughout the Middle East to a global perspective which will further enhance his skills and broaden his identity as an Academician, thereby changing the lives of young minds. In addition, Mr. Mansib is researching on the areas where he can explore the distinctive skills of the enthusiastic new generation teachers to other arenas as well. He also aims to begin a startup similar to London Academy in Kerala, where students will have easy access to customized based learning techniques.

A Testimonial to Learn:

According to Mr. Mansib, a teacher requires nobility, determination, empathy, conscientiousness, creativeness, genuineness, courteousness and intuitiveness. He assumes that the personality traits of a person go a long way in determining how successful he is and all the above traits has tremendously exemplified him as an individual. His practical methods of teaching and innovative approach towards education won him an unmatchable place in the community which not many could have easily accomplished.

Mr. Mansib believes that each child is gifted in some or the other way. The potentiality lies in identifying the underneath passion and nurturing it to success. He truly believes in what Author Paulo Coelho quotes in his book Alchemist, “When you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it”. He urges parents to not pressurize their children and judge them on the basis of scores and percentage. Instead, help them to identify their hidden talent, provide maximum support and guide them to achieve what they aim for.

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