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August 3, 2021

‘Mancunian Motivator’ brings fitness to neighbours in British lockdown

CHIGWELL, England (UK) – London residents are having their heart rates lifted by the “Mancunian Motivator.”

31-year-old Elyse Blemmings’ street workout routines have become a saviour in times of enforced idleness.

“It’s brought back, I suppose, what everyone’s feeling, a big sense of community spirit. They know they’re going to get their heart rate lifted, they’re going to have some endorphins and they’re going to go back in their house and say ‘I feel better today’ rather than just going through the same monotonous routine.”

– Elyse Blemmings

She used to stream her workout sessions online but her Chigwell residents’ reactions encouraged her to share her talents closer to home.

In addition to physical exercise, Blemmings said that the sessions in the street helped to create social links in the community during social distancing bringing different generations together.

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