Rodgers says Leicester will be flexible amid COVID-19 spike
October 21, 2021

Leicester will be flexible amid COVID-19 spike: Rodgers

LONDON (UK) – Leicester City manager Brendan Rodgers says the club’s King Power Stadium is “a very safe environment” and his team will continue to work in the same manner unless told otherwise by local authorities in the wake of the number of COVID-19 cases going up in the area.

The government has imposed a lockdown on Leicester, which has a higher infection rate than anywhere else in the country.

Speaking before Monday’s decision, which could see Leicester play their three remaining Premier League games at neutral venues, Rodgers said his team had to be flexible.

“Nothing has changed in terms of how we have been working thus far throughout this situation,” Rodgers told reporters. “It’s a very safe environment for the games to be in. We will just keep working until we are told otherwise.

“I have always said we will react accordingly. We have to have agility in this period. I think in this moment in time we are in the safest place we can be in terms of our work, the stadium also.”

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