Detroit urges judge to reprimand Trump campaign for spreading canards

Lawyers in Detroit urge judge to reprimand Trump campaign for spreading ‘disinformation’

WASHINGTON (US) – Lawyers in Detroit have urged a judge to chide President Donald Trump’s campaign for spreading “disinformation” in a court filing with regard to the certification of the election results in a Michigan county.

Trump’s campaign on Thursday said they were voluntarily dropping a lawsuit contesting Michigan’s election results because election officials in Wayne County “met and declined to certify the results of the presidential election.”

In fact, Republican members of the Wayne County Board of Canvassers on Tuesday refused at first to certify the results, but then reversed themselves after a public outcry.

Detroit’s lawyers said on Thursday that the campaign included “impertinent and false language” in the filing and asked a federal judge to strike the disputed document from the case record.

Detroit’s lawyers did not request a monetary penalty, but said US District Judge Janet Neff had “the authority to strike materials from the record as a sanction.”

Neff has not yet ruled on the request.

Mark “Thor” Hearne, the Trump campaign lawyer who submitted the document, said the sanctions request was frivolous and an attempt to score political points.

Hearne said affidavits attached to his filing accurately explained the facts to the judge.

“There has been no false statement,” Hearne said.

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