Lancashire gets into its highest COVID alert tier, with restrictions
October 26, 2020

Lancashire gets into its highest COVID alert tier

LONDON (UK) – The area of Lancashire in northwest England got into the highest COVID alert level on Friday. This indicates that it will face the toughest restrictions to curb the spread of the virus, including the closure of pubs.

Cases have grown rapidly in the region that houses Burnley, Blackburn, Blackpool and Preston, forcing Lancashire into the very high alert level of Tier 3, in addition to Liverpool and Merseyside.

Going by the terms agreed between the national government in Westminster and local officials, pubs will shut down except for people selling substantial food. People have been asked not to socialise with anybody indoors they do not live with.

The change will be implemented on Saturday and from Monday betting shops, casinos, bingo halls and soft play areas for children must also be shut down.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s government has pursued a tiered approach to close local regions so that the least affected areas will be allowed to remain open to protect the economy.

That has sparked anger by some local leaders in northern England who say the government has not offered enough financial support to businesses which are having to close.

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