Labour's Corbyn - 'No big offer' yet from May on Brexit - British Herald
January 24, 2021

Labour’s Corbyn – ‘No big offer’ yet from May on Brexit

MEDWAY, England (Reuters) – British Prime Minister Theresa May’s government has so far made no big offer to the opposition Labour Party on Brexit, leader Jeremy Corbyn said on Thursday.

“So far in those talks there’s been no big offer and the red lines are still in place,” Corbyn said. “Its actually quite difficult negotiating with a disintegrating government, with cabinet ministers jockeying for succession rather than working for an agreement.”

“It is in the country’s interest to try to get this sorted one way or the other but we can never accept the government’s bad deal or a disastrous no deal,” he said. “So if we can’t get a sensible deal along the lines of our alternative plan or a general election, Labour backs the option of a public vote on it.”

(Reporting by Elizabeth Piper; writing by Guy Faulconbridge. Editing by Andrew MacAskill)

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