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November 27, 2021

Kathryn Hahn-led Joan Rivers series no longer moving forward at Showtime

The buzzy Showtime series planned about the life of the late Joan Rivers, titled The Comeback Girl, has been cancelled. As per Variety, the producers failed to secure Rivers’ life rights from her daughter, Melissa Rivers. News that Wandavision’s Kathryn Hahn signed on to play the legendary comedian came in conjunction with the show’s announcement last month.

The Comeback Girl could have moved forward as an unauthorized biographical series, but what’s the fun in a show based on someone when you can’t use any of their jokes or catchphrases? That would be like making a Jimi Hendrix biopic without using any Jimi Hendrix songs—oh wait. Unauthorized projects also typically run the risk of royally pissing off the artist’s estate.

The limited series planned on covering a particularly difficult period in Joan Rivers’ life: the time during the cancellation of her late-night talk show on Fox, The Late Show Starring Joan Rivers.

After only one year, the first late night show hosted by a woman fired said woman in 1987 and replaced her with Arsenio Hall. Shortly after, Rivers’ husband and former The Late Show producer, Edgar Rosenberg, died by suicide.

The logline for the series read: “Trailblazer. Adored. Cruel. Diva. Joan Rivers had a life like no other. At age 54, she was a superstar comedienne… and then it all fell apart. The Comeback Girl is the awe-inspiring untold story of how Joan Rivers persevered through near suicide and professional abyss to rebuild herself and her career to become a global icon.”

You creator Greg Berlanti (whose portfolio of work includes Dawson’s Creek, Supergirl, The Flash series, and Love, Simon) was set to direct and executive produce The Comeback Girl, based on the script by Cosmo Carlson.

(Source and courtesy: https://www.avclub.com/news)

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