Johnson to visit new executive of Northern Ireland & Irish PM

Johnson to visit new executive of Northern Ireland & Irish PM

LONDON- On Monday, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson plans on visiting Northern Ireland and meeting the leaders of the British province’s newly-formed government- the Executive and the Irish Prime Minister.

On Saturday, Ireland’s main parties ended the three-year standoff threatening the 1998 peace settlement by forming a power-sharing government.

During the visit, Johnson will be pressuring them to think of a public service reform following several years of political stalemate.

Johnson released a statement ahead of his visit stating that he looked forward to meeting the new executive and hearing the plans they have for the future which include pushing the much-needed public service reforms and resolving the health strike that is happening currently.

Britain has agreed to fund more money to Northern Ireland for public services as long as it can get its Assembly up and running again.

According to his office, Johnson shall be meeting the First Minister Arlene Foster and the Deputy First Minister Michelle O’Neill. They will also be meeting with Leo Varadkar.

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