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August 15, 2020

International Symposium of Sufism in Morocco

Morocco: In a first ever representation of Chishty Sufi Order from Ajmer Sharif,  India – Haji Syed Salman Chishty – Gaddi Nashin – Dargah Ajmer Sharif on behalf of India at the opening day of the International Conference on Sufiam in Madagh – Morocco – Africa .

Haji Syed Salman Chishty spoke about the blessed life of Hz.Khawaja Moinuddeen Hasan Chishty(ra) and His Blessed teachings for all Humanity as well as how in India people from all different faith and religious communities have deep respect and reverance for Dargah Ajmer Sharif and visit for Ziyarat of Khawaja Gharib Nawaz(ra).

Also as a global celebration of Milad Un Nabi (saw), how millions of people come together across India to commemorate the Blessed Birth of Prophet Muhammed(saw) as they visit Ajmer Dargah Sharif .

For  its  14th edition,  the  World  Symposium  of  Sufism  will  focus  on  the theme  of  Sufism  and  Development. On  the  occasion  of  the  commemoration  of  the  birth  of  the  Prophet  of  Islam,  over  120 academics,  researchers  and  intellectuals  from  around  the  world  will  gather  in  Madagh (Berkane)  from  8  to  12  Rabii  1st  1441, corresponding  from  6  to  10  November  2019,  as  part of  the  Fourteenth  anniversary  of  the  World  Symposium  of  Sufism  (WSS),  organized  by  the Tariqa  Qadiriya  Boutchichiya  and  the  Moultaqa  Foundation,  in  partnership  with  the  EuroMediterranean  Center  for  the  Study  of  Modern  Islam  (CEMEIA).  

Organized  under  the  High Patronage  of  His  Majesty  King  Mohammed  VI,  the  theme  of  this  new  edition  will  be  “Sufism and  Development:  the  spiritual  and  ethical  dimension  of  human  edification”. This  year,  the  Organizing  Committee  of  the  WSS,  under  the  direction  of  Moulay  Mounir  El Kadiri,  decided  to  focus  the  Symposium  on  the  role  of  Sufism  in  the  development  of societies,  emphasizing  the  significant  importance  of  man’s  spiritual  development.  Much  like the  example  of  the  Prophet  in  the  spiritual  education  of  his  companions,  the  development model  transmitted  through  the  Sufi  tradition  has  always  favored  the  building  of  women  and men  to  ensure  the  well-being  and  balance  of  society.  Human  values  are  essential  to  build  a society  based  on  togetherness,  peace  and  mutual  aid.  Thus,  by  emphasizing  sincerity, altruism,  ethical  solidarity,  nobility  of  behavior  and  mercy  towards  all  creatures,  Sufi education  allows  actions  to  be  meaningful,  and  to  achieve  the  best  purpose,  for  the  benefit  of all.  The  spiritual  and  moral  dimensions  must  then  be  placed  at  the  heart  of  the  development project,  in  order  to  ensure  an  environment  that  can  meet  the  needs  of  the  human  being  in  all its  dimensions.  For  that  reason,  the  Moultaqa  Foundation  chose  to  dedicate  the  14th  World Symposium  of Sufism  to  the  theme  of development.   Scholars  in  anthropology,  philosophy,  Islamic  studies,  sociology,  communication  and international  relations  are  expected  to  present  and  discuss  their  research.  Experts  from South  Africa,  England,  Canada,  Egypt,  the  United  States,  France,  Indonesia,  India,  Mali, Morocco,  Mexico,  Niger,  Senegal  and  Turkey  will  be  among  the  many  speakers.   In  parallel  to  the  Symposium,  the  Moultaqa  Foundation  will  also  present  several  important initiatives:  the  Solidarity  Village,  the  Muslim  Ecology  Conference,  the  Civic  University, the  Forum  of  Techno-Ethics  and  the  Preventive  Gathering.   The  Solidarity  Village  is  dedicated  to  the  social  and  solidarity  economy  (SSE)  to  promote  a responsible  economy  based  on  a  principle  of  solidarity  and  social  utility.  

From  8  to  10 November  2019, cooperatives,  associations,  researchers  and  consultants  will  gather  to present  project  leaders  different  services  that  will  help  them  develop  their  respective business  activities.  Organized  under  the  High  Patronage  of  His  Majesty  King  Mohammed  VI, this  7th  edition  will  specifically  focus  on  the  concept  of  skills  as  a  lever  for development  and the  importance  of  establishing  a  real  skills  strategy  for  all  SSE  players  in  Morocco.  Indeed, the  various  projects  related  to  SSE  require  the  establishment  of  a  strategic  vision  for  their operational  realization.  All  of  these  prerequisites  can  be  optimized  with  the  set-up  of  an appropriate  network  between  project  promoters  and  confirmed  experts.

The  Moultaqa  Foundation  will  also  organize  the  5th  Muslim  Ecology  Conference  (MEC), which,  from  7  to  9  November,  will  bring  together  teachers,  researchers,  scientists  and activists  around  a  common  question,  that  of  spirituality  as  a  response  to  the  current  climate crisis.  This  year,  the  MEC  will  focus  on  the  following  theme:  “Health  and  Ecology:  the  impact of  climate  change  on  health”. The  3rd  edition  of  the  Civic  University  will  take  place  from  November  8  to  10  and  will address  the  issue  of  continuous  training  as  a  moral  duty,  societal  advantage  and professional  requirement.  Through  a  program  of  courses  open  to  the  public,  the  Civic University  is  the  academic  component  of  the  societal  action  undertaken  by  the  Foundation, aimed  at  making  it  clear  that  knowledge  is  accessible  to  all. On  8  November,  the  Forum  of  Techno-Ethics  will  enter  its  2nd  edition  and  will  feature workshops  and  conferences  to  discuss  the  contribution  of  Islamic  values  to  the  conciliation between  technical  and  ethical  development.   Finally,  on  9  November,  the  Foundation  will  launch  the  1st  edition  of  the  Preventive Gathering,  a  new  initiative  to  raise  public  awareness  on  the  risk  factors  behind cardiovascular  diseases,  contribute  to  their  prevention  with  simple  choices  and  eventually encourage  everyone  to  improve  their  health. Through  the  World Symposium  of  Sufism  and  all  these  initiatives,  the  Tariqa  Qadiriya Boutchichiya  and  the  Moultaqa  Foundation  wish  to  let  international  public  opinion  know  all the  wealth  of  this  spiritual  capital,  indispensable  to  the  dialogue  of  cultures  and  religions.  This event  aims  to  highlight  the  virtues  of  Sufism  to  the  public  and  reveal  the  inner  and  spiritual dimension  of  Islam,  still  too  little  known.  This  Symposium  testifies  to  the  importance  that gives  the  Zawiya  Qadiriya  Boutchichiya  to  a  scientific  approach  to  the  ethical  dimension  of Islam,  as  other  Sufi  Zawiyas  in  Morocco  which  have  traditionally  worked  for  an  approach advocating  for  a  balance  between  the  spiritual,  scientific,  social  and  cultural  life  of society.

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