Indonesia president urges for rebooting the economy
September 27, 2020

Indonesia president urges for rebooting the economy

JAKARTA (INDONESIA) – President Joko Widodo said on Friday that Indonesia must use such the pandemic situation to revitalise Southeast Asia’s biggest economy. This could be done by improving food and energy security, in addition to processing more natural resources at home.

Widodo was talking in his annual state of the union speech to parliament.

He said Indonesia, along with other countries, must “shutdown, restart and reboot”. Widodo was wearing a traditional outfit from the Sabu people in the eastern part of the archipelago, “We must not let the crisis bring about setbacks. In fact, we must capitalise on the crisis as a momentum to make a big leap.”

Widodo said fastening the process of reform of the health sector was a top priority.

The president also emphasised a need to push forward the effective processing of raw materials, which includes conversion of coal into gas and nickel ore into ferro nickel and stainless steel.

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