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HYM Property: Making Realty dreams a Reality

Dubai, often called an Arab city where East meets West, is known throughout the world for its luxurious residences, skyscrapers, magnificent malls, sandy beaches and azure waters. When it comes to real estate, there is no city quite like Dubai which is home to impressive structures such as the Burj Khalifa and the upcoming Dubai Creek Tower as well as spectacular attractions that will leave one awestricken. Thanks to the presence of a plethora of futuristic, cosmopolitan projects and uniquely designed residential communities, the Emirate is a haven for property investors.  Real Estate investment is a recognized long-term investment in Dubai and since 2002, the most populated city in the UAE has become a hub for property investors. HYM properties is leaving its trail in the real estate market by offering the best assistance and assurance one need while looking for a property in Dubai.

A Respectable Brand Name:

HYM Properties initially originated as the Negotiators for the Real Estate Agents. Over the time, HYM Properties grew to become one of the substantial real estate agencies in the UAE. Bestowed with extensive experience in Residential Property Management, Commercial and Sales, they offer honest and personal services enjoyed by many of their prestigious clients.
At HYM, they offer a consistent Point of Contact with knowledgeable and experienced sales advisors and property managers, to provide a consistent and highly personalized level of service. Their main focus is to provide government employees with numerous amounts of services, as they take care of whole portfolio. From finding them the best property, to furnisher and even getting them the best mortgage available in the market, HYM assures their clients with the best advices and services all through the company.

It is no doubt that HYM stands as the trusted choice for everyone where one can be assured of securing the favorable potential result at a reasonable rate. With their unbeatable level of property expertise, the team at HYM believes that prominence is second to none.

Co-founders at the Helm:

HYM was started in Feb 2019, by Hamad Al Mullah and Abdulkader el Jizi. It all started with the connections and network they built within a short span of time. They realized that there is a lack of trust when it comes to Real Estate Agents in Dubai, where after sales service, genuine and researched advices of the clients are not properly met. The duos decided to open the company to provide full service to the clients in all matter, from selling, buying to leasing of one’s property.

Creating real value in property and places:

Real Estate is a complex business. It requires knowledge of the local community, real estate trends and data, and sales and negotiation. HYM dreams to become the leader of reliable property services provider in the United Arab Emirates by transforming HYM Properties as the trusted choice of customers. They are a bunch of committed professionals who work exclusively for their client’s interests. Their mission is to achieve an engaging and stress-free property experience within a consistent, reliable and proficient service.

Quality living from the team that cares:

HYM focusses on mainly three things- Clients, Services and Business. For them clients stand the most valued part of the business. Their main focus is to deliver outstanding service built on a loyal customer base. By giving the best consultancy from the team, HYM cater to maintain long term relationships with the clients.

Business is built on strong, ethical principles allowing HYM to deliver outstanding service and results. The team provides a professional and transparent service for all property related matters.
The services of HYM are par with their standards. They present a big range of services to the clients. Special Rates and Discounts from Developers are provided exclusive for government employees. Their services include selling, buying and renting a property; getting a Mortgage on a Property; Furnishing and Interior design of a Property; outlining, operating, generating and renting real estate properties; completing subsistence activity associated with building infrastructures and real estate owned by the company; conducting regulated electrical, lifts and air-conditioning system with a secured maintenance of the building and the people’s safety; analyzing and implementing consultations on all types of real estate fields; managing and leasing of commercial premises, office and mixed-use properties and residential units; developing, establishing and maintaining real estate investment funds and monitoring economic financial surpluses which are available with the company by investing them in business portfolios which are managed by specialized companies or authorities.

Meeting all real estate needs:

HYM properties are fully capable of providing assistance to clients who are looking to buy a lavish and a top-quality property. The process includes a personal referral with the exceptional selection of handpicked homes and properties in the various attractive places around the UAE.
HYM Properties is fully practicing in a well -organized property management and real estate services to meet all the demands of clients as a landlord or homeowner. At HYM, the team closely caters to each client’s requirements and guarantee to provide an extraordinary level of service.
For all the property owners who prefer to sell their premium assets, the team at HYM Properties provides the access to an enormous demand of the possible fitted buyers. They assist owners in a convenient way of negotiation and transaction.

Perfect Formula for Success:

Real estate is hard. It’s an all-in industry and the stress level can get pretty high. Successful real estate professionals know this and are able to manage that stress in healthy ways. While some business gurus focus on networking, others claim daily habits are the way, and even more that insist on complicated formulas, charts and lofty quarterly goals. HYM properties stand an example to it. HYM real estate professionals know that one bad claim can bring everything they have worked for crashing down. They get the right Errors and Omissions insurance and have access to best legal advice. They believe that authenticity and honesty will help establish a beneficial working relationship with the clients rather than trying too hard to please them. Beyond the digital marketing and tech use, HYM focusses on hitting the real world for face-to-face marketing on a regular basis. They believe that neighborhood meetings and local events such as fairs and expos are also a great way to reach out to audience and to personally introduce to the community. The more connections, the better the business is.

Future of Real Estate Market in Dubai:

Real estate is the gold mine of the modern world, and Dubai’s property market offers much for investors. For some time it has been growing exponentially and the future holds significant investment potential. The UAE government has launched some powerful initiatives recently and has allowed foreign investors to explore and invest in the real estate. Furthermore, the government has been trying to experiment with new policies, such as new visa rules, business incentives and other economy-boosting measures to further enhance the property industry. The upcoming projects for Expo 2020 are also contributing to create more investment opportunities in Dubai for buyers. As per the reports, the investment opportunities and the economy in UAE will thrive within the next five years. The new policies will improve investors’ confidence in Dubai real estate, which, in turn, will create more opportunities.

Dreaming big:

HYM is built on the foundation of making lives easier, improving workflow and success but never replacing the value. Customer satisfaction is their main target, which will lead to great marketing of their services. The future of HYM is to create a brand, trusted name in the market. Over the years, down the lane, they are also planning to expand HYM profile internationally, and they are hoping to start the first expansion of this real estate property in London.

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