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October 28, 2021

Huawei launches the industry’s first L3.5 network solution for autonomous driving for data centers

SHENZHEN, China – At HUAWEI CONNECT 2021, Huawei launched a novel L3.5 Autonomous Driving (ADN) solution for data centers (DCs) and the architecture, key functions, Key technologies and use cases presented.

Digitization is gaining momentum, new applications are constantly being added, and there are more and more network devices in a wide variety of categories. This exponential growth places a tremendous burden on data center networks (DCNs) and leads to more frequent changes in the networks. In addition, the operation and maintenance of the network are becoming more and more complicated. More and more network technicians need to be hired. However, simply increasing the workforce is neither sustainable nor practicable. That is why Huawei has repeatedly researched new methods to cope with the ever-increasing complexity of networks through technological innovations, and finally proposed a new vision for ADN: Networks should be highly autonomous, just like autonomous vehicles.

Huawei has defined six automation and intelligence levels (L0-L5) for the ADN solution for DCs as well as the most important capabilities and functions at each level. The six stages cover the entire network life cycle from network planning, construction, operation and maintenance to optimization and pave the way for self-fulfilling, self-healing, self-optimizing and autonomous DCNs. ADN is currently undergoing a long-term development from L0 to L5. In addition to researching ADN standards and technologies, Huawei is working with industrial partners to set up an ADN rating system as a standard reference to enable networks to be more automated and intelligent.

In September 2020Huawei launched the L3-ADN solution for DCs, which implemented a high level of automation in a single network. Since this launch, the industry environment has changed dramatically in just one year; the digital economy developed at full speed and became the main driving force of the global economy. In order for our ADN solution to keep up and stay on the cutting edge of the industry, Huawei has partnered with representative companies from various industries to expand their research and practice related to ADNs. They found that heterogeneous multi-cloud and multi-vendor DCNs have already become the new norm. This leads to isolated network management and different levels of network automation. To get this under control

In response, Huawei launched the L3.5 ADN solution for DCs in September 2021 . The solution is based on a number of cutting-edge technologies, such as the service designer, which is unique in the industry, an open and programmable framework and a unified database. With these strengths, the solution achieves high-level E2E network automation functions, including uniform and undifferentiated management and control of multi-cloud, multi-DC and multi-vendor networks. In addition, the solution is capable of collaborative, flexible network orchestration and network-wide simulation. These features enable multi-cloud networks to be deployed quickly in seconds.

Right now, DCNs are a cornerstone for the rapid innovation and adoption of business services. Implementing Network as a Service (NaaS) on DCNs can help them achieve this. However, implementation is hampered by many challenges. For example, multi-cloud and multi-vendor networks lead to isolated network architectures and separate O&M views. Network engineers are busy with massive work orders and don’t have time to optimize the network. This is exactly where the L3.5 ADN solution from Huawei for DCs comes in. It is a leader in the uniform, undifferentiated administration and control as well as the collaborative, flexible orchestration of heterogeneous multi-cloud and multi-vendor networks.

“It is a long-term process for ADNs to move from L0 to L5. Huawei’s ADN solution for DCs has already gone through a future-oriented development from L3 to L3.5, which shows that network autonomy can be implemented not only in DCNs of a single provider, but also in multi-cloud and multi-vendor networks “said Leon Wang, President of Huawei’s Data Center Network division. “This also shows how committed Huawei is time and again to solving problems based on customer service scenarios and pain points. Looking ahead, Huawei will continue to work with our customers and industry partners to promote mature applications of network AI technologies on a large scale. The aim is to accelerate the pace of DCNs and start an era of autonomous driving that is characterized by an agile business, a great customer experience and an efficient operation. “

Huawei is hosting HUAWEI CONNECT 2021 online from September 23 to October 31. The theme of this year’s event is “Immerse yourself in the digital world.” We will delve deeply into the practical application of technologies such as cloud, AI and 5G in all industries and show how they can make companies of all shapes and sizes more efficient, versatile and ultimately more resilient can do while we are on our way to economic recovery.

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