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GSK CEO: The world will need more than one COVID-19 vaccine

LONDON (Business) – More than one COVID-19 vaccine will be needed for the world. Hence, drug companies must partner to develop the vaccines, the weapons to fight the coronavirus, according to GlaxoSmithKline CEO Emma Walmsley.

GlaxoSmithKline and Sanofi are in the process of developing a vaccine to fight the coronavirus.

Both drugmakers expect to start the vaccine’s clinical trials in the second half of this year and if they happen to be successful, the vaccine shall be available in 2021’s second half.

GSK’s partnership with Sanofi reveals the scale of the attempt to get a COVID-19 vaccine. Walmsley added, however, there was still an enormous lot of work to do.

“The world’s going to definitely need more than one vaccine when you think about demand in this hugely challenged global health crisis.”

– Emma Walmsley, GSK CEO

The adjuvanted vaccine is to be developed combining Sanofi’s S-protein COVID-19 antigen and GSK’s pandemic adjuvant technology.

“It normally takes a decade, sometimes even more, to develop a vaccine but obviously we are in an unprecedented situation, the need is incredibly urgent. We are partnering with regulators to try and go as fast as we safely can.”

– Emma Walmsley, GSK CEO

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