Google antitrust case: Govt to face uphill battle, say legal experts
October 26, 2021

Google antitrust case: Govt to face uphill battle, say legal experts

NEW YORK (US) – Legal experts believe that the US government’s antitrust lawsuit against Google is strong, but it will face an uphill battle from the judiciary which is business-friendly. And the government is likely to face the question whether a free search engine which is popular among customers has actually left them worse off.

In the lawsuit filed on Tuesday, Google was accussed of harming competition in internet search as well as search advertising via distribution agreements that placed its search tool in the front and centre whenever a customer browsed the net.

The US Department of Justice is tasked with proving that Google won or maintained monopoly power through abusive conduct.

According to legal experts, the alleged misconduct of Google was similar to allegations raised by the government against Microsoft Corp in the 90s. The landmark lawsuit was settled in 2002, and a consent decree mandated that the Windows operating system should desist from retaliating against computer firms that used non-Microsoft software.

The government lawsuit has 11 states in it and New York Attorney General Letitia James said her state and six others may soon file their own case against Google of Alphabet.

Google is expected to defend itself saying that the government overestimated the firm’s power by defining its market too narrowly.

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