Golf champion Norman tests positive for coronavirus, gets hospitalised
October 19, 2021

Golf champion Norman tests positive for coronavirus, gets admitted in hospital

FLORIDA (US) – Australian golfing sensation Greg Norman has been hospitalised after he tested positive for coronavirus.

Norman, 65, had earlier said he tested negative at the exhibition PNC Championship in Orlando from December 19 to 20. But he began to experience fever, joint and muscle pain later in the week.

On December 25, he went to hospital and returned home to undergo self-isolation on Saturday while awaiting results of another screening.

“I hope this will be my final update on this COVID saga … back in hospital after getting a positive result,” he said on Instagram, adding he was receiving an infusion of antibodies.

“The path to full recovery. Hoping to be out later today.”

He said although he is fit and strong and has a high tolerance for pain, the “hideous” virus had “kicked the crap out of me like nothing I have ever experienced before”.

“Muscle and joint pain on another level. Headaches that feel like a chisel going through your head scraping little bits off each time, fever, muscles that just did not want to work,” he added.

“Then my taste failed, where beer tastes bad and wine the same … at times struggling with memory of names and things.”

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