Free coronavirus testing to be offered in Hong Kong
September 30, 2020

Free coronavirus testing to be offered in Hong Kong

HONG KONG (HONG KONG) – Leader Carrie Lam said on Friday that Hong Kong is set to offer free voluntary coronavirus testing for residents.

Chief Executive Lam said the plan is likely to be implemented in two weeks at the earliest.

China had sent a team of health officials to Hong Kong to conduct widespread testing for COVID-19. This would make it the first time mainland health officials are assisting Hong Kong to control the coronavirus.

Lam told, “The situation in Hong Kong is still critical, with the number of cases remaining high.”

Lam said she had urged Beijing in late July to help increase virus testing capabilities and facilities of Hong Kong. She also sought to get rid of fears for people that China may use the DNA samples collected for surveillance purposes.

Lam added that all samples would be destroyed after testing.”It is a false accusation and smear to say DNA samples of Hong Kong citizens would be sent to the mainland.”

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