France's Le Drian agrees with Biden's view about Trump's challenge
October 26, 2021

France’s Le Drian agrees with Biden’s view about Trump’s challenge

PARIS (FRANCE) – France’s foreign minister said on Sunday he shares US President-elect Joe Biden’s view that President Donald Trump’s challenge to the Nov. 3 presidential election result is irresponsible.

Biden on Thursday called Trump’s efforts to reverse the result “totally irresponsible”.

“We are attuned to what Joe Biden said of Donald Trump showing ‘incredible iresponsability’. I share Joe Biden’s view,” Jean-Yves Le Drian told LCI television.

“I never spoke in that manner but we are coming to such a point! I think Joe Biden’s comment reflects reality and I say it very clearly.”

France, like many countries around the world, swiftly congratulated Biden on Nov. 7 after he secured the votes needed to win the election.

Trump has not conceded and is persisting with long-shot attempts to overturn the result. Because of this, Biden is not receiving the classified intelligence due a president-elect, and his transition team has not received the funding, office space and briefings from current government officials normally afforded to an incoming administration.

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