'Fortnite' gamers, firms support Epic Games's lawsuit against Apple
September 27, 2020

‘Fortnite’ gamers, firms support Epic Games’s lawsuit against Apple

SAN FRANCISCO (US) – The decision of Epic Games, which is the creator of the video game “Fortnite”, to sue Apple and Google has found support from its ardent fans as well as Tinder-owner Match Group and Spotify. The decision to lodge a lawsuit was taken after the two tech giants removed the video game from their app stores for allegedly violating payment guidelines.

Epic Games began a campaign against Apple by coming out with a parody of Apple’s iconic “1984” ad and the hashtag “#FreeFortnite” was trending on Twitter.

Gamers who have legions of followers on YouTube took to the video-streaming platform and other social media avenues to show their support.

“This is insane, we are watching actual history take place because we just don’t see this anymore,” said a YouTube user with the handle “thatdenverguy”, who has more than a million subscribers.

“Tim Sweeney and everybody at Epic, we stand with you and thank you for standing up for something bigger than Fortnite here that helps us out.”

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