Former French PM Fillon embezzled public funds: Court

Former French PM Fillon embezzled public funds: Court

PARIS (FRANCE) – A French court on Monday ruled that former Prime Minister Francois Fillon was guilty of embezzlement of public funds in a fake jobs scandal. The scam wrecked his 2017 run for president and paved the way for Emmanuel Macron.

There were allegations that he had paid his British-born wife Penelope hundreds of thousands of euros for doing little, if any, work as his parliamentary assistant.

“The payment was disproportionate to the work done,” the chief judge said, reading the court’s ruling. “Mrs. Fillon was hired for a position that was without use.”

The prime minister under Nicolas Sarkozy, Fillon had been the frontrunner when the allegations surfaced. At the time, he denied wrongdoing, resisted party pressure to withdraw his candidacy, and was eliminated in the first round.

The court also convicted Fillon’s wife of complicity to embezzle and conceal public money.

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